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International Criminal Search

With CRS Checks, searching criminal records internationally has never been easier!

Since 2002, CRS Checks has utilized our experienced, trusted international research network to provide accurate, fast, and reliable criminal record searches. Depending on the country, our researchers may access public court records, police records, or various government and proprietary databases to process criminal record searches.

The international criminal records search reports crimes and offenses that are comparable to felonies in the United States. When available, less serious offenses will also be reported. Pricing, availability, and turnaround times vary widely depending on the country being searched. Please click on "Start Order" and select your country for more details regarding available searches.


All criminal record reports will list the source of the research (the name of the court, agency, or database searched) regardless of whether records are found or not. Here are the potential outcomes of the research:

No Records Found:

A report will be returned as "No Records Found" when a search of the source records did not find a subject whose identifiers matched the subject information within the scope of the search. A No Records Found result does not preclude the possibility the subject has records in sources not searched.

Record Found:

A search of the source records did find a subject whose identifiers matched the candidate information as submitted by the client. CRS Checks will report all pertinent information on file when available. The case information will typically contain charges filed, date filed, personal identifiers on file, type of crime, and disposition information. The type and/or amount of information reported can vary widely by country. When records are reported it does not preclude the possibility the subject has additional records in sources not searched.

How we conduct an International Criminal Search

  • Searches for higher level crimes and offenses similar to felonies in the United States.
  • Lesser crimes and offense will be reported when available.
  • Depending on the country, the search may be conducted at a nationwide-level or on a local-level (county, province, city, state, etc.).


  • Full legal name (middle name or middle initial should be provided when available)
  • Date of Birth
  • Country and/or specific city or cities to be searched
  • Mother’s maiden name in Latin American countries
  • Father’s full name and candidate’s full residential address for India Searches
  • Chinese National ID Number for Nationwide Chinese Searches