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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the person know that I am requesting a search?

Our service is confidential, but we do recommend that you obtain consent from the individual you are conducting the search on prior to placing the order.


My search returned, "No criminal records found". Are there any charges for this transaction?

Yes. Even if your search didn't find any criminal records, you will be charged for a service fee, which is non- refundable.


I know he or she has been arrested before. Will this appear on the results?

That depends on the situation and the country associated with the request. Some countries only provide information that deals with serious convictions, while other countries may provide all convictions associated with an individual. Generally arrest-only information will not be returned.


Is your site secured?

We use SSL(Secure Socket Layer) to protect any information you provided us. Our website is protected by thawte. And, we will never provide your personal information to anyone.


I have misspelled the person's name. Can I try it again?

You will be charged for all searches you submitted. Service fee is not refundable.


Do you provide "official" criminal records?

Generally speaking, no but it may also depend on the jurisdiction (i.e., country) that is being searched. Some countries make “official” certificates only available to the individual directly and not through a third party such as CRS Checks.

I ordered the criminal search on Saturday, and have not yet received your report on Monday, why?

Courts are closed on weekends, therefore your search is not processed until Monday. Please understand the turnaround time is only available on business days.

Can I receive my reports by e-mail?

Yes! All results can be sent via e-mail directly to you.

Are your services completely confidential?

Yes. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer personally identifiable information outside the company that visitors voluntarily provide in any registration or order form. The information you provide to us is only used to better understand our visitors use of our services and to support related transactions made on the site.

Will the persons I request background checks on know I requested the information?

No. They do not know who has requested background checks on them, because the information searched and reported is public records.

How can I pay a customized order?

We will send you a quote based on your needs.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

CRS checks will conduct all research using industry-leading best practices and maximum accuracy. Should we make a mistake when conducting research on your behalf we will provide an expedited reinvestigation search using corrected information, free of charge. If incorrect information was provided to CRS checks when placing your order, and if our researcher has initiated their investigation, we will require another payment to conduct an additional search with the corrected information. If we require additional information in order to conduct your search, we will email you a total of three times before closing out the order as "needing more information". You will then have up to 30 days to provide the additional information we require, at which time we will re-open the request and process the search. If the additional information is not provide after 30 days we will refund the cost of your search minus a $20 processing fee.


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